About Me

Hi, hello there!

Thanks for stopping by Fork & Flora. I’m Pat and I’ve been meaning to start my blogging journey for quite sometime now. I’m a food lover and plant mom so welcome to my one stop shop that brings my two passions together.


I love food, who doesn’t?! I love eating it, creating it, sharing it with friends and family, you name it! I’ve worked in kitchens in the past, but I didn’t find my true passion for cooking until I started living on my own (because you know, you have to eat to survive). Food is much more than just sustenance to me, it’s a way to express myself and show my love. The “Fork” part of my blog is just that: simple, delicious, flavourful food that you can re-create in your own kitchen.


I’m a millennial, so I think I was almost destined to become plant mom. I’m not overly obsessed, but that said I’ve only really started building my collection the past couple of years. The “Flora” section highlights my different houseplants and plants in general. Living in a condo, I have minimal space to work with, but that wont’ stop me from growing my own herbs and vegetables on my balcony. With any luck I’ll be able to harvest my own vegetables for some wonderfully fresh recipes.